Kraft Seeds! Greenhouses & Plant Germination Equipment Part-1 Germination Trays (48 Holes, Pack of 6)

by Kraft Seeds
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Growing Plant Seeds in Seed Trays

Benefits of Seedlings Trays:

Seeds can be sown indoors, under safety & watchful eye of a grower.
Use this high quality Seedling tray to grow healthy saplings.
Seeds & seedlings are protected from harsh weather conditions.
Plants can be started any time of the year by sowing seeds in seedling trays.
Seedling trays are easy to carry around & can be transported from one place to another without harming the plants.
By the time seedlings are growing in trays, the grower has the luxury of preparing the primary field or containers where the plants are to be transplanted.
Note: If there are plants pictured in the listing, be advised that the pictures are to illustrate the use of the product. No plants are included in this sale.

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