Daffodil Narcissur Tahiti (3 Bulbs) Flower Bulbs | Gardening flower Bulbs For home garden, Programmed Bulb By Kriti Kalash

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Bulb size: 12-16 cm; miniature varieties 8-12 cm | Light/Watering: While Daffodils prefer full sun they will usually tolerate half-day shade, especially Cyclamineus hybrids such as 'Jack Snipe' and the Poeticus variety 'Actaea'. | Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Daffodil bulbs will not survive in soils that are wet, especially during the winter. Avoid low-lying areas where water gathers or where the snow is late to melt in spring. | Harbingers of a new season, these spring-flowering bulbs light up the landscape. Glorious gold, lemon-yellow, and snowy white blooms are often accented with contrasting trumpets or centers and vary in height from two inches to two feet with flowers in elegant proportion. | Easily grown, the majority of these bulbs are very tolerant of cold winters.

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