99 Cell Cavity Thermocol Sturdy Strong Bottom Cell Holder Seed Starter Tray Seedling Tray - 2 Pack – Super Extra Strength Easy To Carry Reusable Many Times Starting Trays for Planting Seedlings, Propagation, Germination Plug Station by Kraft Seeds

by Kraft Seeds
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Rs. 650.00
Rs. 599.00

• NEW UNIQUE STRONG SEED TRAY – You get a strong sturdy THERMOCOL TRAY underneath the 99 cell tray, making the seed tray really Strong and reusable multiple times | • THERMOCOL BACKING TO THE TRAY – Scared of shifting the seed tray from place to another, fear of breaking it, NOW NO MORE FEAR, shift and reuse the seed tray, thanks to the THERMOCOL bottom of the seed tray | • Ultra-Durable, High-Quality, 99 Cell Tray (with drain holes). Made to last multiple seasons
• Trays are NOT flimsy or brittle. Seedling tray made with high quality material
| • Extra Strength Propagation Trays allow roots to grow through. Makes Great Germination Station
• Great seedling tray and YES THERMOCOL Part has holes too for water drainage matching exactly seed tray

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