Kraft Seeds Coco peat plant coco coir bricks - a natural additive to potting soil for potted plants & gardens- coconut coir is a sustainable alternative to peat moss approx weight - 4.5kg totally organic.

by Kraft Seeds
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Coconut pith is a natural and sustainable alternative to peat moss - coconut fiber pith is manufactured without causing environmental damage (such as is caused by peat mining) because it is made from the easily renewable source of coconut fine husk fibers | Triumph plant coco pith bricks are odorless, free of bacteria and most fungal spores, low in natural salts, and contains no weeds or pesticides | Coconut coir is a versatile growing medium - can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants and are great for greenhouses, landscaping, garden beds, individual pots, vertical gardens, grow bags, terrariums, or for starting seeds or roots in a pot or planter | Great for potted plants or container gardens - use along with potting soil to create a nutrient rich environment for your plants and provide a healthy source of aeration and drainage

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