KRAFT SEEDS! Ranunculus Perennial Flower Bulbs Pink (Pack of 5) with Free 1 Bulbs Celebration Pack that inspirit to joy of smiling like this Beautiful Bulbs in this New Year and Christmas.

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Sowing Method

  • Planting time: The bulbs are usually planted in the fall for spring blooms (Dec. to June) and
  • Flowering time: When ranunculuses are grown under cover, the bulbs are typically planted in fall for flowers in late winter or early spring, because it takes 2-3 months from planting until flowering.
  • Depth and Spacing: Plant the bulbs 4” apart and 2” deep with the claw side down.Soil
  • Conditions: For best results, plant the bulbs in light, well-drained soil. Avoid soil that stays wet as it can cause the bulbs to rot.Sun and shade: ranunculus should be grown in full sun. The plants dislike hot temperatures but they need to get plenty of bright light.

Plant bulbs 4-6 inches apart, 2-3 inches deep. Water after planting to encourage bulbs to establish roots. Refrain from watering again until you see leaves sprouting. (That will likely be in the spring.) 

Tips for Growing Ranunculus

  • Leave them alone after planting in the fall. In zones 8 and warmer, the plants will form tiny rootlets and sprouts, so you do not want to disturb them.
  • Once ranunculus have stopped blooming, allow the foliage to grow until it yellows.
  • The plants need to make food to store for the next year’s bloom. As long as foliage is still growing, keep watering (lightly).
  • Clip off foliage as it yellows and dies back. During this dormant period (when the leaves are gone), do not water because you can cause the bulbs to rot.
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