Ixia Axia Flower Bulbs,Variety Orange A Great Winter Variety Flower Bulb Superb Cut Flower 21 Bulbs Height approx. 3ft Flower Amazing Beautiful Flower Winter Season

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  • Suitable for a sunny place Suitable for semi-shade Flowering Period – July Onwards, Requires A Little Extra Water Than Other Flowers
  • Growth Height: 30 cm Planting depth: 8 cm Planting distance: 20 cm apart
    • COLOUR – White You will Received 21 bulbs in a pack
    • BRING OUT THE GARDENER IN YOU- Follow the instructions listed on the packaging directly and beautiful flowers will grow virtually anywhere. These are perfect for both indoor planting and outdoor gardens. Great gift for Moms, daughters, and the gardener in your life.
    • Want to know more Of Ixia !

      • Exotic members of the iris family, ixia produce brilliant blossoms with often dramatically contrasting spots and blotches.
      • These South African natives are ideal for the hot, dry climates of the southwest and can be grow in other warm areas if planted under roof overhangs to restrict water while still allowing the full sun conditions these plants prefer.
      • Ixia grow from pudgy corms, much like those of crocuses, sometimes with slightly raised centers like a Hersey's chocolate kiss.
      • The exteriors are usually covered with a light, clean netting.
      • Plant ixia in groups in borders or containers for the greatest visual impact.

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