Why Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a system by which you give water just to the root-zone of the plants in any farm by simple trickling of water near each plant. It is a myth that more water means more yield. Actually, it is just the right amount at the right time and regular intervals that gives the most yield. Most important is the use of water soluble fertilizers that can be easily injected with a ventury injector and applied right at the root-zone through the drip irrigation system.

Advantages of using Drip Irrigation
  • Save water as much as 80%
  • Save fertilizers as much as 50%
  • Save electricity
  • Minimum weeds, save labour cost
  • Mulching films can be additionally used with drip irrigation to further reduce growth of weeds and further save on labour
  • More yields due to adequate water as much as 100%
  • Also, save in groundwater due to reduced usage

Why Ecoflo Irrigation? 

To introduce us, we are one of the leading irrigation systems manufacturing companies in India. We market our products under the brand Bhavani Drip in India and Ecoflo Irrigation in the global market. We have over 25 years’ experience in irrigation with more than 15,000 satisfied farmers in India.

We have exported and commissioned many large projects in Africa since 2001. Ours is the ONLY company that manufactures manual pumps i.e Ecoflo Treadle pump and Ecoflo Hand pump, along with irrigation systems. Our highly cost- effective designs coupled with ex-factory very attractive pricing immensely reduces the irrigation cost/acre.

The thin- walled driplines that are extensively used in all the farms are manufactured in our company at a very reasonable cost and made from a special mix of material that increases the life of our driplines. We manufacture all the material required for irrigation in-house, which makes us a single-point source for all irrigation items. We can also make customized irrigation systems/kits.

For small and medium farmers, we have made standardized irrigation kits ranging from irrigating a small plot of to a large plot of 2acres. These can be run by our manual pumps (treadle/hand pump) or electric/fuel pumps.

Water storage solutions
  • Flexible water storage tanks
  • Pondliners
Non-Conventional Pumping solutions
  • Ecoflo Hand Manual Pump
  • Ecoflo Treadle Manual Pump
  • Solar Pumping
Sprinkler Irrigation Kits Drip Irrigation Kits
Micro Irrigation Kits covering area of 100sqm to 2Hectares
  • Gravity based irrigation kits
  • Electric/fuel pump Irrigation Kits
  • Manual pump operated Irrigation Kits
Other Products
  • Driplines with Flat Drippers
  • Driplines with Round Drippers
  • Online Drip Irrigation Systems – Plain laterals, Drippers, PC Drippers, Microtubes
  • Fertigation Systems – Ventury Injectors
  • Filteration Systems – Screen and Disc filters of all capacities
  • All types of sprinklers and sprayers
  • Automations
  • All types of connectors and accessories
  • Landscape Irrigation
  • Mulching films
  • Protective Farming – Greenhouses and shadenet houses
  • Electronic water conditioners
  • All types of pipes and fittings – PVC, HDPE and PE pipes and fittings

We have been sourcing partner to the reputed International Development Enterprise. IDE having office in Denver, USA for supply of 1000s of irrigation kits across the world since last 22 years. Supplies to countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mali, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Burkina Faso and many more.  Similarly, to many NGOs Like Pradan and Baif Mittra in India with 1000s of kits. Presently we are preferred providers to World Vision India for 500,1000, complete do it yourself irrigation kits. We have supplied 1000s of our Treadle pumps to UN funded projects thru international suppliers to countries like Sudan, Kenya, Malawi, etc. We have done turnkey complete projects of 20-200 acres with direct customers in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Somaliland, etc. Ongoing projects presently in Angola, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Senegal, etc.

Till date we have earned 100% customer satisfaction in terms of timely delivery, proper documentation, very effective designing. and committed quality.

International NGOs
  • iDE (International Development Enterprise)
  • Red Cross
  • UN Funded Projects
  • FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation)
  • Winrock International
  • NARI EU-ARD Project
  • Relief Society Tigray (REST)
  • ActionAid
  • Total Land Care
  • Practica Foundation
Indian NGOs
  • World Vision India
  • Pradan
  • Swades Foundation
  • IIT Powai
  • Foundation for Ecological Society
  • CSA (Center for Sustainable Agriculture)
  • RAIDCO Kerala Ltd.
  • Center for Experimental Earning
  • And many more.

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