BioRoutes Enriching Soil

Soil is the earth’s fragile skin that anchors all life. We depend on soil to build our homes and cities, to grow crops for food and raise livestock, to support transportation and enable recreation. Yet, the current lifestyle and methodologies are disregarding this crucial and precious resource that lies right under our feet.

At BioRoutes, we have recognised that the soil - a living organism, is a vital and valuable resource and hence, BioRoutes is dedicated to developing and supplying certified organic input materials that are fairly priced, increase the quality of the crop and make organic farming an easier lifestyle choice for our customers.

BioRoutes ADOMé Soil Nutrition range of Products have been derived from cattle waste and vegetable matter that has been treated under special anaerobic conditions and aged to provide complete nourishment to the soil. This carbon rich manure contains all 116 essential micro and macro nutrient which help to improve organic content of the soil and enhance plant growth and yield. All our Products including Home and Farm Range, that have been developed after thorough research, encourage a living and well-balanced soil.

We are selling our products and carrying out this vision by joining hands with Kraft Seeds, Delhi (India) for various online platforms in India.