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Hey Garden Lovers!

Planting Bulbs now Simple & Easy with KRAFTSEEDS

  • Open the Box and find your bulbs
  • It is very important to give some fresh air to bulbs before planning to plant them
  • You might find some rotten or dry bulbs due to courier delay or as they are packed in a box, you need not worry about the same –
    • Place those bulbs under sunlight / open air for 4-5 hours and let them dry if moist or if attacked with fungus
    • You may peal off the outer most layer of the flower bulb which has been attacked by fungus or if it is moist
    • After placing them (well-spaced) in fresh air they are good to go in the pot
  • Prepare soil by mixing Kraft Seeds Cocopeat in it, Ratio (50:50) or you may use Cocopeat also
  • Sow the Flower Bulbs 2-4 inch (deep) in the above prepared soil and only sprinkle water for few days, as pipe or mug can splash the bulb out or break it
  • Germination May take place 15-18 days depending upon the variety sown, once the seedling is healthy, transplant them to desired areas
  • If you may face any issue in germination of bulbs or courier received, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help
  • Early Morning Sunlight is important for the bulbs to grow and bloom thereafter they can be kept in shade all throughout


If you face any difficulty or query, please feel free to contact us at - Or Whatsapp us on: +91 8860-429881.

We will be happy to assist you.


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