Linaria Flamenco Seeds (30 Cm) Flower Seeds for Home and Balcony Gardening

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100 Seeds Each Packet | Grow Temperature : 27-40 Degree Celcius | Color : mix colour | Height : 30-40cm | All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only actual product may vary due to product enhancement..

Linaria reticulata 'Flamenco' has tiny, snapdragon-like, bicolor flowers that bloom in shades of maroon-fuschia and golden yellow. The colorful flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Linaria 'Flamenco' is an excellent choice for containers and small gardens. Children love the little "fairy flowers". Nice for cutting. Easy to grow.

Linaria reticulata is native to North Africa. It blooms best in cool weather, so give it an early start. It prefers well-drained soil, and it reseeds where it's happy. Common names include Spurred Snapdragon and Toad Flax. Deer resistant.


Having Difficulty in sowing / Germination / Growing seeds, who else can be the better guide to you for Gardening than the seeds man themselves here at Kraft Seeds



1) Seed - Open the Kraft Seeds packets on a blank white sheet of paper, so that while opening the packet if the seeds fall (seeds being very small and tiny) you are able to save them on that sheet – Collect and then ready for sowing.

2) Soil – a very important part of sowing- Take Agropeat / Cocopeat (Agropeat / Cocopeat) and mix it in water and keep it overnight. (Ratio of Agropeat to water – 1kg of Agropeat to 5 litre of water) Use that mixture to mix it with soil (Ratio of Agropeat mixture to Soil – 80:20) Agropeat helps in the germination of seeds a lot.

3) Sow - Take a seed Tray (A seed tray available of various holes sizes), fill the above mixture in all the holes of the seed tray, and then Sow 2-3 seeds in each hole (.5 or 1 inch deep in the soil hole)

4) Water – Taking care while watering is very important in the first few days of sowing. For the first 10-12 days water the seed/ Soil only through a garden Water sprayer / sprinkler (nozzle of water sprayer set to sprinkle) as hush of water will break or flush the seed.

5) Care – Keep an eye on the soil and seedling growing, if it by any chance it gets attack by intruders (Weed / Pest / Ants) keep your ammunitions ready, recommend Organic Pest Nil, Organic Ant Kill to protect your plant.

6) Grow – Once the seedling is healthy, you may transplant it to your desired planter or Garden and yes remember to keep giving strength to your plant by using Organic Biofit Organic Enzyme for Roots, Organic Manure.

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