Rajnigandha, the name itself describes "Gandha", gandha means khushboo … The fragrance of Rajnigandha flower is so relaxing.. gives you emotional strength, relaxation of mind, relieves from stress.. the flowers are traditionally used to make garlands in Indian weddings, more commonly used for gajras for bridal, making of artistic garlands, floral ornaments, bouquets, buttonholes etc.

  • The bulb of the plant should be placed in soil at 2-4-inch depth with 6-8-inches apart.

  • You can grow Rajnigandha in soil or pots as indoor and outdoor.

  • The soil should be rich and well drained.

  • Keep the soil moist for better growth and blooming of the plant

  • The flower blooms throughout the year the florets are star-shaped, waxy and loosely arranged on spike that can reach up to 30 to 45 cm in length.

  • This plant lives for more than two years.

  • This plant take more time to develop and to produce flowers.

  • The Rajnigandha flower is available for summer and winter season separately

The sweet fragrance of this flower is used to make scented candles, soap and essential oils. This oil is used in high value perfumes and cosmetic products.

So no need to go outside for taking spa to relax your mind and soul.. Bring this plant at your sweet home..

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